Monday, August 27, 2012

Week #18, Edmonton

I had a bunch of cash in my pocket and a few checks, that I had collected for the Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation. I could wait until I got home to mail everything, but I thought it would be a lot of fun to hand it to them, plus they have a big office in Edmonton. So I rode over and approached the receptionist with the line "Have I got a good story for you".

After telling my saga and making the donation, word spread quickly around the office. Soon I was talking to Craig, who is the coordinator for some event called Big Bike and he wanted me to me on it, and ride through the Capitol X Parade in downtown Edmonton the following morning

I show up and to my surprise I see 3 "Big Bikes". 30 seat, carts with 4 car tires, and a handlebar and set of pedals for every seat, 3 wide and 10 deep. Each one weighs 1000 pounds. Only 30 people could even get this thing moving, slowly at best. Thankfully were in line with about 150 other floats, so speed was not necessary, as it took us an hour to wind our way through downtown Edmonton and past tens of thousands of people - it was amazing!

2 years ago, she had a stroke and lost the ability to walk and talk. She re-learned how to use her tongue and move her legs. She is now 18 and starting college.

Edmonton City Hall Fountain

Alberta Provincial Capitol fountain

Water park inside the West Edmonton Mall, biggest mall in the world.

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