Monday, April 14, 2014

San Diego CA to Jacksonville FL, trip #8

11 days ago, I was standing at the edge of a continent, the border of two countries, the beach overlooking the Pacific. A bizarre fence cut across the beach and stabbed through the crashing waves. On the other side, people were doing chin-ups, running, waiving at me. On my side, Border Patrol Agents were running the air conditioning on high in their Jeeps.

I started riding away from the beach that day, heading east, and begging my 8th cross country bike ride. As I type this from the Business Center of a Holiday Inn, the Deming High Class Reunion of 1964 is getting underway right behind me. Deming New Mexico. I've ridden about 700 miles through a very hot and unforgiving land since leaving the beach, and I've had a sunburned time doing it.

This is a short trip (for me). 2900 miles in 54 days from San Diego CA to Jacksonville FL. A high speed burn across the desert and gulf states. As always, I'm trying to raise money, speak to schools, Rotary Clubs, politicians, and make memories for myself; so that when I am at my 50th high school class reunion, I know that I lived everyday as full as I could and tried to improve the lives of others.

I invite you to follow along in real time on Facebook,and Twitter, and track my movements as I pedal down the highway via Satelite Tracking.

"Know who you are, Know who you want to be, and Follow your dreams..."
-Antonio Figureida