Tuesday, September 18, 2012

In the news

Recently, I was on KNX 1070 News Radio in Los Angeles and KVTA 1520 Talk Radio in Ventura, talking about the last trip. I love being in the studio and live on air, its fun and exciting. The only downside is that once the moment is over, you walk away with just the memory of the conversation. That's why it is so nice to be interviewed for a newspaper and be able to hold and save the article. The Ventura County Reporter did a great story on my last trip. You can read it here:

"Know who you are, Know who you want to be, and Follow your dreams..."
-Antonio Figureida

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A few more pictures from Denali

My climbing partner, Paul, sent over a few good pictures from the climb.
Pizza at 14200ft

Sunbathing at 14200ft

Mushrooms and broth

That's a lot of frozen poop

Tying the frozen poop to the sled

Poop toss into the crevase

Free ice sculpture

Easter Island?

Making snow walls at 17200 feet

Decision time: go down or wait out the storm?


Welcome to 14000 feet.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Week #20, the final week!

A zebra in Utah?

The end, back where I started 145 days earlier, after a 7761 mile bike ride up to Alaska to climb Mt. McKinley, and then ride back.

answering questions for Italian tourist

Week #19

Gates of the Mountains State Park

Montana State Capitol

Sunset tour on the Missouri River

Idaho Falls

Gardens at the LDS Temple

Provo Canyon

nice tan!